Sunday, May 24, 2009

I can't believe I am finally blogging. I have wanted to do this since before lent (which was the beginning of February).I'm so excited.

Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am half elvish-half hobbit if that is possible. I hope soon to discover my hobbit/elf name which I am sure will be very interesting. I am a soon to be homeschool high school graduate who is very glad to be saying good-bye to Algebra (at least until August). My life is empowered by the Holy Eucharist and Our Lady thru the holy rosary. I love Eucharistic adoration, Holy Mass, Pope Benedict XVI (VIVA IL PAPA), my family; my friends, my awesome parish, jogging, sound tracks, soccer and any game that makes me run like a maniac. Thru this blog I hope to share with you the amazing little things that God gives to each one of us everyday whether it be the smell of blooming lilacs, the awesome feeling of having run two miles in the rain, sunlight dancing in a puddle or just giggling with your little sis over a bedtime story. Life is full of these simple yet profoundly beautiful moments. O.K, maybe running in the rain isn't something you do everyday but if you have never done it it's a must try.

I dedicate this blog to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady. I'm so glad to be starting this blog in her month when we especially honor her as the Mother of God and our mother.I have never blogged before (obvious fact I know) so please pardon any mistakes I make in the beginning (or after the beginning). I know I have a lot to learn.Until I post again God Bless and Happy Trails.Immaculate Heart of the Most Pure Virgin Mary, pray for us.