Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In His Presence

Lately ,because I'm currently not in school or employed, I've been able to go to Eucharistic Adoration more often. Some weeks it has been every day, others not so much. Whenever I go though it is such a blessing to be able to enter the presence of the Lord. If it has been a particularly hectic day I pour it all out before Him. Other times I feel drawn to meditation on the scriptures or intercessory prayer. On days like today though I have nothing to say but "Thank you Lord" and I am content just to sit in the presence of my King.
Come to Him and be refreshed. Even if you experience dryness the time spent is not in vain but will serve to draw you closer to His Eucharistic Heart. He will refresh you and your effort will bring joy and consolation to Him. -Ardhoniel

Monday, September 21, 2009

Prayin For Life

Last Saturday my dad and I attended a Prayer Vigil for Life hosted by the Helpers of God's Precious Infants. The vigils are held about four times a year. Each time we meet at a different parish for Holy Mass. From there we go out and say all four sets of the rosary mysteries by the two local abortion clinics. While we are out some stay behind in the church for adoration. After the rosaries we return to the parish for benediction followed by a few speakers and refreshments.
It is interesting to note that the number of women going into the clinic that morning was much lower then usual. The reason for that ,the volunteers said, was because the clinics learn of the vigils and forewarn people who call to schedule abortions for that morning. Apparently our prayer and silent witness to life changes many women's minds and the forces of darkness know it. Hopefully some of those who postponed their abortions to later dates will give more thought to life and find the courage they need to keep their babies.

The Helpers of God's Precious Infants was founded by Msgr Philip.J.Reilly in N.Y.C. The members main work is counseling women going into abortion clinics. The other members called prayer warriors pray in front of the clinics and if unable to go out offer up penance and fasting for the other members. My friend and I often accompany a prayer warrior Saturday mornings to say the rosary on Calvary as the helpers call the abortion clinics.

Every Christian is obliged to do everything in their power to end abortion. Even if unable to pray at the actual killing sites remember the unborn in your rosaries, Divine Mercy Chaplets, morning offering and when confronted with pain and suffering. We all can and should be "prayer warriors" in this movement.

"Jesus, Mary, Joseph I love you very much and I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby whom I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion." -Prayer of Archbishop Fulton J Sheen to be said every day for nine months to save the life of an unborn child

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Day

Philosopher commented that she enjoyed my random post yesterday so this is for you Ms. Artist. Yesterday was eh let me think Tuesday that's right. I woke at quarter to 6. At 7:30 I walked to 7:45 Mass. I came home and had Froot Loops. After my breakfast was all digested I went running. When I got home I went downstairs to work on a crazy project I started on Monday. I decided to clean and organize the basement and upstairs this week(I'm such a dreamer). I will be fortunate to finish the basement by Saturday the way it is going! The more I straighten things up it seems the more clutter I discover! I told my mom that to truly complete the project I'm going to have to get rid of some stuff to which she readily agreed as long as I can get approval from the many pack-rats of our family(good luck).Around 11:00 Mags needed looking after so I took her downstairs with me on the pretext that she wasn't going to make a mess(ha-ha). We spent the next hour and half playing in the basement and reading until my poor little voice was hoarse. Luckily at that point Em had finished school and was able to play with her. I took a break before going back downstairs to finish the "great project"(notice that I said the great project). I did that the rest of the afternoon until 5:00 when I had had enough and decided to roller blade to a church that is nearby(about a mile and a half) for Eucharistic Adoration. Don't worry, I didn't go into church with my blades on, I brought shoes. I stayed for an hour, then rushed home just in time for dinner. I was really tired so I spent the rest of the evening just chatting with my dad and sister over dish washing.

Today was very similar except that it is much chillier outside which I am not very happy about but it is inevitable. Also I ran farther. I didn't heat up as fast so had more endurance. Since I jogged so far I didn't get to eat a proper chilly morning breakfast so I enjoyed it for lunch instead, tea with honey,an English muffin with peanut butter and half a nectarine. The nectarine was really just a healthy addition. It doesn't really go with the chilly theme now does it. Now I'm blogging. I'm actually not sure what I will do next. Later we have holy hour at our parish and then hot dogs for dinner. My apologies to anyone who is now snoring. I shall sign off now. -Ardhoniel-

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"My dear young people have no fear of Christ! He takes nothing, and gives everything. Who gives himself to Him, receives a hundredfold. Yes, open, open wide the doors to Christ, and you will find the true Life." - Pope Benedict XVI

Monday, September 14, 2009

More Inspiration

When I watched Karol the other night one thing that really amazed me was how much John Paul loved us. At the part were he was shot and they were rushing him to the hospital, when they showed the blood stained sheets I gasped because I realized he did it for the Church. His blood was shed for his people. Then it dawned on me, that's what Jesus did! He shed His Blood for us. At the end of the movie when he was dying the doctor decides to do a procedure to help him breathe better. The procedure works but he is no longer able to speak. This was a terrible blow to him who wished to be a "voice for the voiceless" and to bring the message of hope wherever people were suffering. His health was a humiliating state for anyone to be reduced to let alone Christ's vicar. It hurt me to see him like that and yet he did it for us. He gave his life for us. How well did he imitate the Good Shepard who layed down His life for His flock. I think he is still watching out for us and interceding for the Church because love doesn't end with death but only grows stronger. I ask for his intercession often as it seems that the prayers of a former vicar of Christ must surely be powerful.
Servant of God John Paul II, pray for us!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Be Inspired

Last night I was blessed to be able to watch Karol:the Pope,the Man on EWTN. For those of you who haven't seen it, the film is very inspiring. It left me moist-eyed during many scenes and when it was over, with new insights on life. I found myself asking "What is it I can do to promote peace and life in the world?" What can I do for the Church? What are her needs at this point in history? While I am still pondering over these things I have already found some answers. The Church I think is in need of reform, the reform that the cardinals tried to put in place during VatII. This reform has been greatly misunderstood and abused so much so that the reform needs reforming! Our dear Holy Father, Benedict XVI, has put much effort into reform, especially in the liturgical sense in his restoration of the Tridentine Rite or Extraordinary Form of the mass. It is up to us, the people of God,who are His Body to support these reforms the Pope is initiating.
Conversion starts in the heart. The Church must be reformed but it will only happen when Catholics start acting like Catholics again, like true followers of Our Lord Jesus. It will only happen when Catholics begin to take their faith seriously and when they become bold in living the Gospel in a pagan world. It will only happen when they take God's Word to heart. Let us today, you and I, generously respond to Christ's call to Holiness and be reformed in our hearts so that we may experience a new revival of Faith in our country and the world.

"Dear young people, by your baptismal anointing you have become members of the holy people. By your anointing at Baptism you share fully in the Church's mission. The Church,of which you are a part, has confidence in you and is counting on you. May your Christian lives be a progressive "getting used to" life with God... so that you may be missionaries of the Gospel!" -John Paul II at WYD in Paris 1997

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Additions

Attention all ye fans and readers;I just added a "link list".If you scroll all the way down to the bottom you will see it. Also, how do you like the new colors, presuming you saw the old ones?

What's Up

Hey all you bloggy bloggers out there. How's it going. Life is pretty good for me right now. I usually don't just write posts about myself but maybe I would enjoy blogging more if I did so today that is what I'm gonna do.
Since I am no longer working(summer job ended) and I'm not ready to go to college yet I've just been hanging out at home. It has been kind of boring so far but the beginning of the school year holds promises of entertainment(if you can call it that). Although I am no longer part of the industrious realm of scholars 7 of my 8 siblings are. Since we are home schooled all the action takes place right in our kitchen. Yesterday I witnessed an experiment by Dave, Patch's first attempts at cursive and Emma's first day of Kindergarden. It was neat watching her use the same math book that I began with.
Don't think I just sat around idly while they all worked their little brains out. I was entrusted with Little Mags who wasn't to happy about being left out of all the fun. The two of us spent the morning loading and unloading the dishwasher, making the beds, building puzzles, singing and reciting nursery rhymes as well as attempting to build a castle(let's just say I will never be an architect) and watching Mr. Rogers. I felt like a little kid again and was glad to spend the morning in my sister's shoes. I actually was looking forward to doing it again today but fate saw fit to do other wise. I woke this morning at 10 after "oh my gosh" eight instead of six and my whole day was screwed up. I tryed to make the best of it though. I ran as usual but unfortunately fell on mile 3 and didn't return till 9:30. Mom needed Mags out of the house so she could work with Em so I volunteered to take her on a quick trip to the library. Well the quick trip didn't get us home untill quarter after noon. First because I couldn't find one of the DVDs that was due and second because I got carried away at the library as usual. Thirdly because Mags got upset on the way home and rode particularly slow. When we did get home I took a shower, had a cup of coffee and made my bed all the things you are supposed to do when you first get up. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful enough until five when Dad usually arrives home from work but today was delayed until six which meant we had to miss our Wednesday holy hour and that dinner was late. Now it's 8:36. I'm blogging. The kids are putting on a show for Mom and Dad. Soon they will start getting ready for bed(I hope). Even though I love them and really enjoy being able to learn and play and just spend time with them I really look forward to the silence that ensues after there night time video is over and they are tucked into bed. That and early in the morning is the only time when it comes anywhere close to hearing a needle drop in our house. Hopefully tomorrow my alarm will go off at the right time and everything will run smoother but if it doesn't I'll just cope with another discombobulated day at home.

Saturday, September 5, 2009